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It was clear that single women with children were in a particularly precarious position. Desea saber si las mujeres solteras tienen derecho a obtener pasaportes. She wished to know whether unmarried women had the right to obtain passports.

Las mujeres solteras también pueden hacer lo mismo libremente. Single women were also free to carry out those activities. Single women shall not be discriminated against in this process.

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Sin embargo, no hay programas específicos para las mujeres solteras. However, there are no specific programmes for single women. Las mujeres solteras pueden administrar bienes independientemente del consentimiento masculino. Single women may administer property indipendently of male consent.

Furthermore, unmarried women and unemployed men received social security allowances. Las mujeres solteras y las viudas deben tener derecho a su propia indemnización. Single women and widows should be entitled to their own compensation.

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During the last decade, the amount of births by single women continued to increase. Register to see more examples Register Connect. I've never been inside a single woman's place before. Una anécdota y una mujer soltera no son lo mismo en inglés.

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An anecdote and an unmarried woman are not the same in English. No puedo permitir, que la eduque una mujer soltera. I cannot allow her to be raised by an unmarried woman. Esta no es la ciudad para caminar por ahí con una mujer soltera.

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This is not city to roam around with an unmarried girl. En la Ordenanza se establece que es ilegal sacar a una mujer soltera menor de 16 años de la casa de su padre, madre o tutor. The Ordinance renders it unlawful to take an unmarried girl under the age of 16 years out of the possession of her parent or guardian.

Como soy una mujer soltera y la gente puede pensar mal Since I'm a single woman and people could get the wrong idea Eres una mujer soltera de cierta edad. You are a single woman of a certain age. El punto es, es una mujer soltera. The point is, you're a single woman. Es como un anuncio personal que llevas en la frente. It's like a personal ad you wear over your head.

Single , intelligent woman wanted for conversation and companionship. Te diré algo, como no cambies el baño, hay muchas mujeres solteras por ahí que tienen exactamente el tipo de inodoro que busco. Peg, if you don't change my toilet back, there are plenty of single women that have just the kind of bowls I'm looking for.

Estos son los eventos y viajes para singles y solteros seleccionados en Madrid

El perpetrador busca principalmente mujeres solteras que viven solas. The unsub mostly targeted single women living on their own.

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Your data will be stored only for as long as you are subscribed to the e-mailing. Si has llegado hasta estas líneas, eso significa que eres, has sido o vas a ser un suboficial con i Sinónimos Conjugación Reverso Corporate Subtítulos para películas y series. Sin embargo, no hay programas específicos para las mujeres solteras. A single man, a single woman. T h is single mo ther of one is also [ This is not city to roam around with an unmarried girl.

Single male pit bull, six, seeks a wet nose with a warm heart. There's lots of women in Seoul who aren't married.

Sabemos que vive con tres mujeres solteras. Es difícil conocer a mujeres solteras. It's hard to meet single women.